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SSG Decisive Battles Series Games on Windows 7

Posted by parappayo on March 20, 2011

Just for kicks, I tried to get some of my SSG Decisive Battles series games running on Windows 7. Specifically, The Ardennes Offensive, Korsun Pocket, and Battles in Normandy.

Battles in Normandy is no problem to get running. I have version 1.01 and it runs fine off of a straight install.

Korsun Pocket is a little trickier. It installs fine, but before it will run you need to patch it to the latest version 1.12b. I also recommend running it in compatibility mode for Windows XP and as administrator if it gives you any trouble.

The Ardennes Offensive is the most interesting to run. I have the version that was released on CD in 1997 and its target platform is Windows 95. I have the 64 bit edition of Windows 7, and even running the installer under compatibility mode for Windows 95 presents an error message.

I was able to get it working with some serious help from VMware, however. Using VMware Player (currently available under a free license) I ran a virtual instance of Windows XP Pro SP2 (which I had left over from an older ‘puter that no longer runs). Cheating? Perhaps. Even with Windows XP, The Ardennes Offensive installer won’t work unless you run it under compatibility mode for Windows 95. After that it seemed to work fine for me.

The odds of this advice actually mattering to anybody are small, so if this helps out, feel free to leave a comment. šŸ™‚


One Response to “SSG Decisive Battles Series Games on Windows 7”

  1. Agathosdaimon said

    this helps! i got a copy of ardennes offensive recently but found it would crash in win 7 soon after starting a game i will try it in vmware with an older os

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