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Game Shops in Downtown Vancouver

Posted by parappayo on May 8, 2010

The past few months have seen the two of the best game shops in the downtown Vancouver area shut down: Cheeky Monkey Games (formerly on Pender and Richards) and Play N Trade Kitsilano (hop across the Burrard bridge; it was on 4th Ave W somewhere near Cypress or Maple). Both closures caught me by surprise–there were no closing sales or other such precursors that I was aware of. So what does that leave?

The biggies are EB Games in Pacific Center, Future Shop on Robson and Granville, HMV on Robson and Burrard, and Best Buy on Cambie near 6th Ave W. Between these giants you’ll have your new releases well covered, but my personal gaming diet draws heavily on used games. EB Games is a decent option there, and while I haven’t been to Best Buy yet, they must be selling used games since they have a program to take trade-ins. Blockbuster video on Robson near Denman most likely sells used games too, but I generally only buy used video games at rental shops as a last resort.

Another alternative for used games is Charlie’s Music City on Granville near Robson. They have an excellent selection stretching back to the PS2 era with a smattering of PS1, although the prices are often steep. It’s no substitute for Play N Trade but it’ll do for those afternoons when I’m not willing to make the trip out to Richmond.

If anybody out there has good tips on where to shop for games without straying too far from downtown Vancouver, a comment would be appreciated. Gamer solidarity!


6 Responses to “Game Shops in Downtown Vancouver”

  1. alex said

    I’m a bit confused about the playNtrade thing, they still have a sign advertising a Modern Warfare 2 competition around may15th as well as saying they were hiring staff. There’s nothing going on inside though.

  2. alex said

    after googling around I saw a blog comment saying that the store has moved all its inventory to its squamish location…

  3. Michael said

    I must say, I’m not that sorry to see the Play N Trade going. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see a game store succeed in the neighbourhood. But that store had some of the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced in a store of any kind. When they failed to actually order the product I’d pre-ordered, and then not let me know that they hadn’t gotten copies in turned me right off. They wasted my time rather than just phone me to tell me the game would be a few days late, and that just wasn’t cool.

    They made me wish for a GameStop, which, given how much I dislike GameStop, is really saying something.

  4. Joe said

    Hop on a skytrain and head to “Gamedeals”, they are at Columbia Station. Best store in the lower mainland.

  5. Paolo said

    Gamedeals has a new store open at GasTown now

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